What can you get if you cut four of a kind according to Tien Len 2023 card game rules

What can you get if you cut four of a kind according to Tien Len 2023 card game rules?

Surely those of you who are passionate about card games are no longer unfamiliar with the four-of-a-kind method of playing Tien Len. However, some people still wonder about what can be done when cutting four quarters? in the article Moving On. The following article Kubet I will share details with you about how to play this effectively and have a high chance of winning
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Learn a few strokes of the song Tien Len, four quarters, what can you cut?

Bai Tien Len originates from the West. After entering the Vietnamese market, this game has gradually become widely popular and become familiar. The deck consists of 52 cards and the simple gameplay is relatively similar to President. So in the song Tien Len, what can the four quarters cut? 

In each region, the way Tien Len plays will have different rules. Below is a popular form of playing this game in 4 regions: 

  • The South: Here is considered the most traditional way of playing Tien Len card game. Outstanding from Binh Thuan province to the inner provinces.
  • In Da Nang: Tien Len playing style belongs to the South Central region. It can be calculated starting from Da Nang to Ninh Thuan province. Besides, there are also some provinces in the Central Highlands.
  • In Hue: Playing Tien Len card game is similar to the traditional form of playing, however the rules of the game are slightly changed.
  • What can you do if you play Tien Len in the Northern style of Four Quarters? There is a unique way of playing here. Therefore, there is a classification in the gameplay of Tien Len South – North.  

What combination of cards does a four of a kind include?

Before you knew the four quarters, what could you cut? You need to understand clearly what combination of cards the four of a kind are. From here on, you can apply the game effectively. Four of a kind can be simply understood as when 4 cards have the same value. In the card Tien Len, this combination has high value in card play. 

For example, if a player has 4 cards that are all 9s, it is equivalent to having four 9s to play. It can be understood that the value cards from low to high are cards 3 to K, and the highest card is 2. 

What can the four quarters chop in each game? 

After you have understood what combination of cards is called a four of a kind, to answer what can a four of a kind be? Players also have to analyze the circumstances and value of that four-of-a-kind deck of cards. According to the rules, if you win without having to play, that player has the second quarter. 

Similar to the case of a hand with the 2nd four of a kind, in the first game if you own the 3rd four of a kind you will also win. The special thing is that it must be in the first Tien Len game. In the following rounds, the cards will be counted at their normal value including the 3rd quarter.
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What can you get if you cut four of a kind according to Tien Len 2023 card game rules2

  • What can the four quarters cut? According to the Northern way of playing, four of a kind can chop a 2. As for the South, they can chop one or two. 
  • According to the rules of the Southern game: you can use four of a kind to bet on 3 pairs of pines. 
  • Large four of a kind can block smaller four of a kind. 

Revealing how not to get tight when playing four of a kind 

In addition to understanding what four-quarter chop can do, you also have to choose the right time to chop the opponent accurately. Avoid being cut back by your opponent. Here are some tips on how to not get stuck when playing a foursome that you should not miss. 

You should play the 2 card after the red 2 card 

Often players will have a strategy of prioritizing four of a kind to block the most valuable card, which is 2. Because of this, to avoid the situation of being cut off by playing a four of a kind, observe to see if the red 2 has come out. Then the four-quarter set will be safer and have a higher value. 

Play 2 pieces in pairs, avoid playing single pieces 

To be able to block a 2, the player needs a four of a kind, and if he wants to block two 2s, it means two sets of fours. However, the case of a player having two sets of four is extremely rare. That’s why you should play 2s in pairs to avoid having your cards blocked. 

Forcing the opponent to tear off the four quarters to block before 

Usually there will be cases where you have to split your foursomes to fight. With this, you can completely force your opponent to break the cards. Applying this strategy will successfully destroy the valuable quartet from the opponent. 

To minimize the odds of being cut off four of a kind, lure your opponent into playing 2 first

In case you can observe the cards you have played before, and predict that there will be four of a kind in this hand. Then force other opponents to play 2 first. Players will have the opportunity to bring their four of a kind to block another card. 


The above article has been shared for you to understand clearly What can the four quarters cut?. Hopefully players will gain more knowledge and apply these strategies to their Tien Len game to win. Wishing you success. 

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