Sports betting, a global phenomenon, has seen some of the most astonishing wins in the history of gambling. These wins not only highlight the potential financial rewards but also underscore the widespread appeal of this form of wagering. Additionally, while various sports attract bettors’ attention worldwide, one sport stands out as the universal favorite for betting. Let’s dive into the record-breaking wins in sports betting and identify the most popular sport to bet on globally. For your better performance, we recommend the IviBet download app. Ivibet is an internationally trusted platform.


Leicester City’s Fairy Tale: In 2016, Leicester City’s unexpected triumph in the English Premier League led to one of the most notable wins in sports betting history. One bettor turned a £50 bet into £200,000, thanks to the staggering 5000-1 odds on Leicester to win the league at the season’s start.

Vegas Dave’s MLB Win: In 2015, famed bettor Vegas Dave placed a $100,000 bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series at 30-1 odds. His prediction was spot on, and he pocketed $2.5 million, one of the biggest wins in baseball betting.

Tiger Woods’ Comeback: In 2019, one gambler bet $85,000 on Tiger Woods to win the Masters at 14-1 odds. Woods’ victory, his first major win in 11 years, resulted in a $1.19 million payout, showcasing the high stakes and rewards in golf betting.

These examples illustrate the unpredictability and excitement of sports betting, where a single event can turn an ordinary bet into a life-changing win. The allure of such potential gains continues to draw millions into sports betting each year.


Without a doubt, football (soccer) is the most popular sport to bet on worldwide. Its global appeal is unparalleled, with several factors contributing to its status:

Universal Love for the Game: Football’s simplicity and global reach make it the world’s most beloved sport. This widespread passion naturally extends to betting. With fans eager to wager on their favorite teams and leagues.

Comprehensive Betting Markets: Football offers a vast array of betting markets. From straightforward match winners to complex bets like the number of corners, first goal scorer, or correct score predictions. This variety appeals to both casual and serious bettors.

Major International Tournaments: Events like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and Copa America attract massive global audiences and betting interest. The excitement and national pride these tournaments generate contribute significantly to football’s betting popularity.

Domestic Leagues and Competitions: Beyond international tournaments, domestic leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, and Serie A in Italy offer year-round betting opportunities. Keeping the interest in football betting alive throughout the season.

Live Betting and Accessibility: Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to bet on football. Live betting allows fans to place wagers in real time. Adding an extra layer of excitement to watching live matches.

The world of sports betting is filled with tales of incredible wins. That captivate the imagination of bettors everywhere. These stories are combined with the evergreen popularity of football betting. Underscore the global allure of wagering on sports. Football, with its universal appeal and extensive betting options, remains the king of sports betting. Drawing fans and bettors together in their shared love for the game. As sports betting continues to evolve in both in technology and reach. The fascination with betting on football and dreaming of the next big win remains a constant in the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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