Learn basic information about the card game Sam Loc

Learn basic information about the card game Sam Loc

Sam Loc is a traditional card game that is very popular in Vietnam, especially in the Northern region. This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, with many similarities to Tien Len. However, the way to play cyclone has different rules and ways of playing, creating quite a great attraction for players.

Sam cyclone is often played during many festivals, family gatherings or groups of friends to entertain and create a happy atmosphere. All players are dealt an equal number of cards, the goal is for you to block the previous player’s cards by playing cards of the same suit or the same number of points.

Next, the following player will have to try to block the previous player’s cards so as not to lose their turn. The person who runs out of cards first and does not get “rotten” (plays against the rules) will win. Many new participants often make mistakes such as double-rolling (playing 2 cards at the same time), cutting the gong (not playing enough cards to block) or many other common mistakes.

Summary of how to play cyclone for beginners

In fact, the way to play cyclone has many similarities with advance post. In which the player will put up the cards, the next person must block the previous person’s cards. However, Sam Loc has its own rules and scoring method, creating more difference.

Arrangement order and combination

In playing cyclone, the order of cards is an important strategy to determine turns and wins. First, players need to distinguish the types of cards in Sam Loc including: odd cards (or junk cards), pairs, sam co (three cards of the same value), four of a kind (four cards of the same value) or straight (the consecutive cards).
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Learn basic information about the card game Sam Loc 2

  • Odd cards, also known as junk cards, are single cards that cannot be combined into pairs or cards. In the game, the lowest odd card is 3 and the highest is 2.
  • A pair is two cards of the same value combined together. The order of pairs from low to high is pair 3, pair 4, pair 5, with the highest being pair 2.
  • Sam Co is a combination of three cards of the same value, the order of Sam Co from low to high is Sam Co 3, Sam Co 4, Sam Co 5, the highest is Sam Co 2.
  • Four of a kind is when four cards of the same value are combined together, the order of four of a kind from low to high is four of a kind 3, four of a kind 4, four of a kind 5, the highest is four of a kind 2.
  • A straight is a set of consecutive cards, in order from smallest to largest. Where the minimum length of the straight is three cards and there is no length limit. In the game, the smallest straight will start from the Ace (A) and end with the 3, which is A23. The highest straight is QKA, including the Q, K and A cards.
  • A particularly important point in playing Tien Tien is that there is no KA2 hall, which is completely different from Tien Len.

Rules for blocking cards

To block cards in a cyclone, players need to use cards of the same suit or the same number of points but larger than the previous player’s card. In addition, you can also use double, sam she or higher hall to block. However, the length of the hall must be equal or greater for the block to be valid.

  • Each four of a kind will block a 2 card and if you have two four of a kind you can block a pair of 2s. In case a player plays a card that the rest cannot block, that person will continue to play. in the next turn.
  • If the first runner-up or the last player leaves the last 2, it is considered a “rotten 2” and is not counted as a win. This requires card players to be careful and strategic when they are running out of cards.
  • The way to play cyclone is that when one person has only one card left, they must inform the other players. At this time, the person ahead of the person who reported will have to block each card to prevent them from coming first. If the last player cannot block the previous player’s cards, they will have to pay. The payout is the total number of cards of the remaining players plus a 2 and a four of a kind.

Calculate card points in playing cyclone

In playing cyclone, calculating points is a very important step, but a bit complicated for new players.

  • With a normal winning game, the winner will calculate points by taking the total number of cards remaining in the opponent’s hand and multiplying by the bet, then adding a 2 card and a four of a kind.
  • Empty: This is when a player runs out of cards first without being blocked. At this time, the winner will calculate the score by 20 cards multiplied by the bet and then add a 2 card and a four of a kind.
  • Stacking: Occurs when a player continuously blocks their opponent’s cards for many consecutive turns. In this situation, the count will be multiplied by 15 cards for each block.
  • Freeze: Occurs when a player plays a card but no one can block it. In this case, the person who plays that card will be scored by 15 cards multiplied by the bet and then plus a 2 and a four of a kind.
  • If successful while “asking for the village” (ie reporting the possibility of winning white), the player will win and receive 20 cards from each opponent multiplied by the bet amount. 
  • If you have to “pay the village” (ie cannot win white after reporting), that player will have to pay all opponents 20 cards multiplied by the bet.
  • If a player makes the mistake of “leaving two” (leaving the last 2), 5 cards will be deducted from his score.
  • For four of a kind, if a four of a kind blocks a 2 card, the player will be counted as 15 cards for each four of a kind that blocks a 2. However, if a four of a kind blocks another four of a kind, the blocked person will be Score 10 cards.

Share how to play cyclone to increase your winning rate

To become a winner and minimize losses, you need to master the following ways to play cyclone of veteran players:

  • Don’t leave the two for last: In the cyclone, the pig (two) has equal strength and everyone wants to own it. However, you need to remember not to leave card two as the last card. If this happens, you will lose immediately and have to pay the village.
  • Play with limits: One of the common mistakes of new players is not knowing when to stop, leading to playing the game for too long and losing clarity. So, whether you are winning or losing, you should set a limit for yourself.
  • Choose a reputable dealer: Choosing a reputable dealer is very important. This helps you avoid being scammed or losing money in your account. In addition, reputable bookmakers like New88hg often have many great promotional programs, along with many attractive rewards.


Mastering how to play cyclone and applying the above tips from New88 will not only help you be more confident when participating in card games but also increase your chances of receiving many great rewards. Whether you are new or experienced, continuously learning and gaining experience will help you improve in this game.

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