How to play detailed card betting for new bettors

How to play detailed card betting for new bettors

When talking about soccer betting, you have probably heard of a series of bets such as Asian odds, score bets, or over/under goal bets. But have you ever heard about penalty cards? In this article, we will dig deeper to better understand the penalty card bet – an interesting betting option that not everyone knows.
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What is a Penalty Card Bet?

First, we need to understand basically, what is a penalty card bet? Penalty card betting, also known as yellow card and red card betting, is a form of side betting in soccer. In this bet, you do not need to care about the overall result of the match, but instead, you bet on the number of yellow and red cards that will be given by the referee during the match.

But don’t be confused! We’ll go over each aspect of penalty card betting so you can better understand how it works.

How to Play Penalty Card Betting

Asian Handicap Card Betting

The Asian handicap is similar to the regular Asian handicap. The match will be divided into two teams, the upper team and the lower team. You just need to compare the total number of penalty cards of the two teams to make a prediction.

Yellow Card and Red Card Handicap

Before each match, the house will give the yellow and red card handicaps. This means you need to predict which team will receive more cards. The points for yellow cards and red cards will be converted as follows: Yellow card = 1 point, red card = 2 points. This score will count for the entire match.

Over/Under Betting Penalty Cards

In this bet, you just need to predict the total number of penalty cards that will appear in a match, just like the over/under goal bet. You bet on over if you believe that the number of bookings will be more than the given rate, and you bet on under if you believe that the number of bookings will be less than that rate.

Other Types of Penalty Card Bets

In addition to the popular card bets mentioned, there are many other forms of betting for you to choose from:

Guess The Last Penalty Card

You can bet on which team you think will receive the last booking in the match.

Guess The First Booking

Conversely, you can predict which team will receive the first penalty card in the match.

Guess The Player Who Was Carded First By The Referee

If you are someone who enjoys watching the players and referees, you can also guess which player will receive the first card or even the minute the referee will show the card.

How to Win a Penalty Card Bet?

Once you understand how to play the penalty card bet, it’s time to learn how to have a chance of winning this bet. Here are some tactics and tips to help you increase your chances of success:

Pre-Game Study

There is nothing more important than understanding information about two teams before placing a bet. Learn about their form, playing style, and previous match history. This can help you predict whether the match is likely to have many bookings.

Track Referee Information

The referee has an important role in drawing penalty cards. Consider whether this referee has a history of drawing cards, and whether he has strict or flexible standards in drawing cards.
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How to play detailed card betting for new bettors2

Manage Your Budget Carefully

As with any other type of bet, bankroll management is important. Set a small budget and stick to it. Never bet too much money that you cannot control yourself.

Use of Odds Information

Regularly check and compare odds from different bookmakers. This helps you choose penalty card bets with the best odds and optimize results.

Penalty card odds are an interesting form of betting in the football world, especially if you love watching dramatic situations in the match. However, remember that betting always involves risk, and you should not bet more than you can afford to lose. Do careful research and apply smart betting strategies to increase your chances of winning big in card betting. Wishing you good luck and fun when participating in this betting!

Thus, the penalty card bet is not only simple but also offers many interesting betting opportunities. You don’t need to be a soccer expert to join the bookmaker New88, just follow the match and predict yellow and red cards. It can be said that penalty card betting is a new and interesting way to participate in the world of soccer betting. Wish you good luck and have interesting experiences when playing penalty card betting!

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