Best IPL Betting Strategy to Make You a Winner

Best IPL Betting Strategy to Make You a Winner

Betting on cricket is similar to learning to play sports: you believe you know nothing until you bat the ball for the very first time. However, seasoned bettors understand that in order to benefit from their bets, they must have a well-thought-out strategy in place. This is especially true for cricket. So let’s go over the various cricket betting tactics so that you get an idea of how to apply them in order to transform your enthusiasm into profits.

What to Choose?

Different odds, teams, and wagers at risk — all these may be used to identify different cricket betting approaches. However, there are some other things to keep an eye on. We’ve compiled a list of the top cricket betting strategies to help you select the best one as you place your bet at the casino game app 1xbet

#1 — Flat Betting

Flat betting is a common cricket betting strategy that is mathematically based, implying that you would utilize “flat bets” or bets of the same amount or percentage. Cricket bettors commonly use this approach by selecting a portion of their bankroll for each wager. You may profit on cricket matches using a variety of flat betting tactics, including:

  • Static bets (1-2% of bankroll)
  • Academic bets (3-5%)
  • Aggressive bets (6-10%)
  • Chaotic bets (10% or above)

Most cricket bettors consider academic flat bets to be the most logical since they allow you to put 3% of your bets on games or outcomes with greater risks and 5% on more evident ones. In this way, you’ll generate reasonable returns while drastically lowering the chance of losing all your bets. Another way to look at it is to pretend you have $1,000 in your account and have set a 30% betting strategy. This implies you will stake $300 on either your club or a specific player. If you lose, your account will be lowered to $700, reducing the next bet to $210 since your overall bankroll will be cut as well.

The flat betting approach is effective for reducing risks while yet allowing for modest betting errors. That is why, if you are a new player, the “flat bets” are an excellent solution for how to win cricket bets.

#2 — Percentage of Bank Strategy

The Percentage of Bank Strategy is another bankroll-focused approach that may help limit losses from unexpected cricket bets. This approach works similarly to the others, requiring a certain bet percentage of the total deposit. For example, you may deposit $1,500 at a certain online casino and then stipulate that each of their bets be 7% of the investment. Here’s what a ‘Percentage of Bank’ Strategy for a match between England and India might look like:

  • Your bankroll totals $1,000. If your first wager is $50 on India to win at 2.0 odds, and India wins, your bankroll will increase to $1,050. Your second bet will be 5%, but this time for $52.5.
  • If you win this one, your bankroll will increase to $1,102.5, and your third wager will be 5%. But this time, it will be $55.12. Nonetheless, if you lose the second wager, your bankroll is reduced to $997.5, and your third bet is $49.

When it comes to IPL cricket betting 1xbet according to the Percentage of Bank Strategy, you may use it for wickets taken, runs scored, batter or bowler match bets, odd/even runs, top batsman or bowler team, and so on.

#3 — Counter-D’Alembert Strategy

The Counter-D’Alembert Strategy, also known as the Reverse D’Alembert System, is basic and straightforward to grasp. With each successful wager, you will boost your next bet by one unit. This system would just look like this:

  • First bet: $20 with 2.0 odds. 
  • Second bet: $? with 3.0 odds. 
  • Third bet: $? with 2.7 odds. 
  • Fourth bet: $? with 2.0 odds.

If you have a $1,000 bankroll and win the first bet, you will make $20 in earnings, and your next bet will rise by one unit ($20) to $40. However, if you lose the second wager, your third bet will also be $20. This approach might be a wonderful option for putting live cricket odds. For example, a game between Sri Lanka and the West Indies at the break may have odds of 1.68 and 2.16 for each side to win, respectively.

Choose Your Win-Win Strategy

It might be quite tricky to select a winning IPL betting strategy right away. That’s why we strongly recommend that you give a try to every tactic outlined in this post. 

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