5 notes before you hire a Rockford auto accident attorney

5 notes before you hire a Rockford auto accident attorney 

Did a speeding car ram into your vehicle in Rockford? Did you suffer injuries in a road mishap that wasn’t your fault? You must file a car accident lawsuit to recover compensation from the driver responsible for the situation. According to Illinois laws, you have two years to file such civil lawsuits, although the insurance claim is not subject to such deadlines. Check the website of any renowned law firm in the city to know about state laws. If you are ready to engage an attorney, here are five notes for your help. 

You can get a free, no-obligation review 

Even if you don’t want to engage an attorney right away, you can still meet one and discuss your auto accident claim. Most law firms in Rockford don’t charge a fee for the first meeting, and you can get a free overview of what the case is about and relevant state laws. 

Your lawyer will handle the negotiations

Once the attorney comes on board, they are in charge of negotiations with the insurance company. Claims adjusters will do everything possible to underpay you, and if you don’t see their tactics, you will get a much lower offer. A competent attorney will ensure you don’t settle immediately. 

Your lawyer will keep a check on the deadlines

At times, insurance companies may drag the case for a long time. If you are not smart enough, you may not have time to file a lawsuit in court against the at-fault party. Your lawyer knows such situations and will ensure you don’t miss the legal ways to recover compensation. 

Your lawyer will not take the retainer fee

Auto accident lawyers don’t work at an hourly rate. You don’t have to pay a retainer fee, either. Instead, your attorney gets a share of the settlement that you recover. The arrangement is called a contingency fee, and usually, the percentage ranges from 25% to 50%. Such an approach makes it easy to afford a lawyer.

Your lawyer will take care of the paperwork

From investigating a car crash to gathering evidence from different sources and consulting expert witnesses, when necessary, your lawyer will take care of everything. They will also ensure the paperwork is done right and all details are presented effectively. 

As a claimant, you should be prepared to go to trial, and it is much easier to get aggressive when you hire an experienced and competent auto accident attorney. Schedule the first meeting soon after your injury.

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